The unstable living conditions in Congo make the youth become miserable and in turn, they decide to run away from home in an act of rebellion. Many risk their lives by running to developed countries in search of greener pastures. To them, getting work gives a sense of satisfaction.

Martial, the National Director in Congo, has a powerful vision to transform the youth of Congo using football. “We want to show them the hope that is Jesus Christ and that only He can satisfy. Our goal is to invest in young people to become leaders of football outreach and disciple-makers.”  These coaches and leaders will then influence the lives of many others within their social circles. As a result, more jobs will be created and illegal immigration will be a thing of the past. The youth will have stability and means of providing for their families.

Martial’s envisions a generation of youth who put their hope in Jesus and grow to become leaders who will raise up more disciples.

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