The work of Ambassadors Football started in Rwanda in 2017 in partnership with Pentecostal church of Rwanda ADEPR, one of the largest denominations in the country. Our partnership believes that training children in the word of God while they are still young contributes to the formation of a Christian worldview which helps them in making future decisions in line with Christian values.

Besides this, our discipleship program aims at equipping the church to go out and reach unreached children and youth who do not attend the church thus accomplishing the great commission as indicated in Mathew 28:19-20.

Currently, Ambassadors Football Rwanda is led by Jean Paul with the help of other 9 volunteers who are members of its National committee. More than 150 coaches have been trained and within 50 locations, we reach out 5000 individuals weekly.

Areas of focus

Teaching Peace
Throughout our programs, we teach children to live in harmony with other kids and adults as a way of fostering the culture of peace among Rwanda’s next generation. We all do this throughout soccer programs.

Fight Against Sexual Abuse Among Girls
Currently the program has almost 1000 girls. To support the initiative of community to safeguard the girls from sexual abuse, we run girls camps so that they can be taught how to avoid sexual abuse. We use the scripture to address this issue.

Bible Memorization
We believe that the Word of God is key to life transformation. Thus, every week, we do have a Bible verse to learn with children and help them memorize it .

Coaches Discipleship
Coaches are the greatest asset for ministry, thus discipling them helps the ministry to be healthy and effective in the community. Throughout our seminars and gathering, we focus on inner transformation of coaches for they will produce who they are at the football field.

Our Dream

Football Facility
We would like to see the work of ambassadors Football reach many children and youth in Rwanda. Thus, the ministry envisions to have its own Ambassadors Football Discipleship center where parents can bring their children and youth to learn about Jesus as they enjoy the game of Soccer. We pray that by 2022 , we will have friendly football facility for children and youth with the intention to generate income that can support the work of Ambassadors Football in Rwanda.

Regional and National Football Academy
We would like to see the ministry develop missionaries to send in the world of football. For this reason, we would like to have an excellent National Ambassadors Football Academy to achieve this goal. Through this National Academy, the players will be discipled, mentored in order to grow into godly players who can influence the other footballers with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our Needs

Football Equipment
Football equipment is the most predominant need for the ministry to satisfy 50 locations where we have football programs.

Financial Needs
So far Ambassadors Football in Rwanda has one staff who is paid through the church partner, but the work is so huge to be carried by one staff. We pray that God will provide two other staff to join the National Director of Ambassadors Football in Rwanda.

Trained Coaches
The ministry in Rwanda is growing very fast which demands trained coaches to support the program around the country. We would like to have missionaries with the qualification of training in Football to support our local coaches and volunteers who would like to come alongside the ministry to help.

Please pray so that the Lord will make this ministry grow and effective to penetrate the Rwandan society with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Pray so that many children and youth will hear the true gospel and be transformed in the likeness of Jesus Christ.

Our Passion
Serving children is our passion, and we like to see many children and youth reciting the scriptures, for faith comes from hearing, and hearing by the Word of God( Roman 10:17). We would like to see unchurched children and youth access to the scripture where they are ( in the community).


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