Your response in lending a “Helping Hand” to our workers and those they minister to around the world has been humbling. Here are some stories of how you are impacting lives during these difficult times.

We still need your help so please consider making a donation and adding more stories of love!

Liberia / Princess – Ambassadors Football Club Player

Princess plays for the Ambassadors female team which plays in the 3rd Division Female League in Liberia. Princess and her mother live in a one-room zinc house in Johnsonville. Her mother usually does laundry for people in the community so that she can put food on their table. Since the COVID outbreak, Princess’s mother is not permitted to enter into the homes of other people to work.

This made life extremely difficult for them. Through the Ambassadors Football Helping Hand campaign, we were able to reach out and give a 25kg bag of rice to Princess and her mother. They were both overjoyed and thankful to God for His provision through Ambassadors Football.

Mozambique / Daniel Moiana and Family


Greetings to you in the wonderful name of our Lord Jesus. We write to you to express our love and deep appreciation for your kind love and support for us. As we continue serving the Lord under the Ambassadors Football ministry in Mozambique, we have been facing some very challenging moments as many of you have also. In times like this many of our partners have not been able to support us due to the economic challenges that they are also facing. However, we rejoice and are thankful for your donations that have filled some of the gap and have been a huge help to us during this time.

Please continue praying for our coaches and their families for safety in this time of COVID-19, and also for our kids.

Often times the voices of the children are the ones that ring most clearly. In Mozambique we have found joy in hearing the voices of the kids in our ministry expressing words of hope and encouragement even when most of their parents have lost their jobs. One of our children, Julio, said, “All can be taken away from us but the real joy is in our heart. This is what we have learned in the club, to be confident when playing and be confident in life in all circumstances.” We can all cling to that same hope that Julio has found in the Lord.

Kenya / Lydia – Coach

Coach Lydia works with the Ambassadors FC Club at I.C.C Imara coaching the Under 5 and Under 7 age categories. She also helps coach in schools that we reach out to during the week. She lives in the Mukuru slum and comes from a family of five. She does not have a father and her mother runs a business selling clothes in order to sustain the family.

Due to the recent outbreak of the Corona virus, her business has been struggling since many people are avoiding public spaces. Through your support we were able to get a food bag for Lydia’s family which was able to sustain them for two weeks.

The Ambassadors ministry in Kenya started the Extra Mile food bag project so that they can provide for and bring hope to coaches like Lydia and to those who are living in the uncertainty of not knowing where their next meal will come from.

Kenya / Stephen – Volunteer

Stephen is a volunteer coach at our Rosslyn club and coaches the Under 13 boys team. He comes from a family of seven. He is among four of his siblings who live together in Ruaka with their father who works as a security guard during the night. His mother and younger sibling live in the rural area taking care of their farm. During the week, Stephen works in the Jua Kali sector but had to recently stop because of the Corona virus outbreak.

Stephen and his dad work together to support the entire family, but the household income has been reduced during this time making it difficult to sustain them all. We were able to get a food bag for Stephen’s family. He was grateful and full of joy and said the items in the bag lasted for 10 days.




We spent three days distributing donations for the children of the academy, coaches, widows, orphans pastors and students of the Biblical School through the Helping Hand donations.

We had received the thanks of the coaches and Pastors. The whole of our team and all our families thank you for this Helping Hand and may the Lord bless you.

Hi, I want to thank you Coach and Cece for the food you guys made for my family. We are very happy to receive this. May God bless you.” – Sidwell.